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Welcome to my website. My name is Grace and I am a Birth and Post-Natal Doula working in Bath. 

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My Name is Grace and I live and work as a nanny, birth and postnatal Doula in Bath.

I first moved to Bath as a student, studying Education and English Literature and soon fell in love with the city and have made it my permanent home.

My Ethos is to provide women and their partners with support, kindness and care through the many different stages of the birth process. Welcoming a new child into the world is the most amazing and wonderful experience, I want to help support you at this precious time. Not only do I want to offer support, but I want the mothers I work with to feel empowered throughout their journey into motherhood.

I have always loved working with families and young children and my interest in birth started at a very early age! I think part of me knew I would always end up working with families and babies and that is exactly where my path has led me. After completing my undergraduate degree I did my doula training with Birth Bliss Academy and I am now at the start of my Doula Journey. Therefore, I am currently mentored as I begin my doula journey. Being a mentored Doula is simply part of the procedure, after training and qualifying as a birth Doula, where I am guided and supported by a very experienced doula.  While I am being mentored I will be offering my birth Doula Package at a reduced rate.



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Services & Pricing

Birth Doula Package: 

What's included:

1 free initial consultation with no commitment.

3 Meetings before birth which include a 2 hour birth preparation meeting. 

On Call for 10 days before your due date to 10 days after. I will support you through your birth.

1 Meeting usually between 2-3 days after the birth to discuss how it went and catch up, there will be lots of time for reflection and celebration of the new baby.

Total Cost :£400

Post Natal Doula

Regardless of whether I have been your birth Doula or not, I offer a post natal Doula service at £15 per hour. 

Please get in contact for more detailed information on booking me as your Doula and pricing. 


So what is a Doula? What do I actually 'Do'?

Within The Doula Book a new mother is quoted describing her Doula's support during labour;

       " I knew she was there and she just melted into the action, whispering in my ear, reminding me at every turn how strong I was and simply that I could do it." (Klaus ,Kennel and Klaus, 2012).

What I offer is support through the lead up to birth, during birth and as long as you may need me after birth. I have trained with BirthBliss Academy and my philosophy is centred around women and empowerment. I want to work alongside you to build a strong foundation for a positive birthing experience. I can offer information regarding the different stages of birth and the latest research. While also acting like a friend or sister holding your hand through the birth journey and helping you to plan and prepare. 

As I also work as a nanny I have lots of experience with young children , so I know how tiring this period after birth can be. As a postnatal Doula I can help support you with breastfeeding , other siblings and any other service that you may find helpful.

 I can also offer individualised antenatal evenings for you and any birth partner, these evenings will be themed around birth preparation. 

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If you are interested in finding out a bit more about me and my services or would like to enquire about hiring me to be your Doula please get in touch using this form. 

Alternatively email me directly at




ALL information provided is for the sole purpose of contact and will be stored safely on a password protected device. If you wish to change the information provided or for me to delete it at anytime please do get in touch. Contact details are for myself only and will not be shared with any third parties. 

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